What I’ve learned about cloth diapering in 3 years

We decided to use cloth diapers before Red was born. It just felt right for us (and here are our reasons), so we jumped in with both feet. (We are very good at diving into things.) We chose the kind of cloth we wanted to use and compiled a stash. We researched and prepared as much as possible for the diapering process, but as with anything there are some things you just can’t know until you experience it. So now, three years into being a cloth diapering (CD) family and preparing to put our third into comfy cottons, I’m realizing there is much we didn’t know at the beginning. For those of you just starting out or those of you who are shocked that people.still.do.that?!, here are 12 things I’ve learned about cloth diapering over the past three years, in no specific order:

Cloth wipes and a homemade solution

I’ve mentioned before that Red has my sensitive skin, poor guy. That beautiful creamy epidermis flairs at the slightest irritation. When he was a baby, we had trouble getting rid of his diaper rash. He pretty much had a perma-rash for the first six months of his life. It was a frustrating off-and-on process of trying to clear up his little toosh. We tried everything, and finally we had a breakthrough. We started using cloth wipes and a homemade solution when we changed his diapers. It worked. The homemade diaper wipe solution gives his skin the protection it needs but also keeps it moisturized and clean. Read on for a step-by-step tutorial to make cloth wipes and how to mix the natural solution.

Why we use cloth diapers

It was Caveman who first brought up the idea of cloth diapering.  We had just found out that we were pregnant, and the excitement was breeding all sorts of “Hey! We should…” thoughts. I initially dismissed the suggestion, citing reasons like “it sounds gross” and “I don’t want to deal with more laundry.” In my head I had visions of those ugly and uncomfortable clear plastic pants, sharp pins and my hands permanently covered in band-aids because I kept sticking myself. The idea seemed very hazardous. Caveman did his research (something he is very good at) and when he mentioned the cloth diapering possibility again, I was persuaded. So, here are the three major reasons why we use cloth diapers on our children. Read on, friend.